Do I Need Window Repair or Window Replacement? 

With time and use your windows will start to break down. Materials corrode, parts break, calk and weather stripping wear out and cause other problems. And minor leaks can turn into complete window failure. But how do you know if damage is minor enough for repair or extensive enough to require window replacement in Seattle, WA? Here are a few quick guidelines that can help:   

Minor Defects 

Minor scratches and dents might not seem like much, but repair depends on the type of window material you have. Wood and fiberglass windows are easy to sand, fill, and repaint. But vinyl and aluminum windows are not that easy. You may not notice small scratches, but more extensive damage on these frame materials will require replacement.   


For the most part, condensation forming on the exterior surfaces of your windows is common. It stems from temperature changes and humidity in the air. Usually, you can wipe away this condensation or it will clear up on its own. Condensation between the glass is not as easy to get rid of. There are some window companies that may install a valve to clear up some of the condensation, but this doesn’t address the loss of efficiency. A replacement window is the only viable solution.   

Moisture Leaks 

Water can leak in through an open window or from gaps in the assembly. But if you are not around on a rainy day you might not notice water infiltration until it is too late. Signs of water damage can include discoloration, bubbling or peeling paint, warped frames, or signs of mold. You can try clearing up damage with cleaning solutions or a new coat of paint. But ultimately, until you address the underlying issue you will have a recurring problem on your hands. If you find small gaps you can seal them with caulk. But lager leaks will require more effort and possibly professional help.   

Poor Insulation 

Old windows are not as efficient as modern products on the market. If you really want to boost energy efficiency on your windows you can try plastic coatings, draft snakes, and thicker window coverings. Unfortunately, these repairs will not produce significant savings. Upgrading to newer products is an investment, but one that could save you hundreds of dollars per year.   

Warped Frames 

Building materials expand and contract at different rates due to temperature fluctuations. As the foundation settles and you break your home in, the windows can develop leaks, or worse. The frames can warp or fall out of the square. These types of problems and complex, and nearly impossible to repair. You will likely need to get full-on replacement windows.   

If repair is not enough, and you need window replacement in Seattle, WA call the experts at Signature Window & Door Replacement. During a consultation, we can evaluate the condition of your old windows and help you find the best solutions for your home. To set up an appointment contact us at (253) 887-7792 or visit our showroom at 22613 68th Ave. S. Kent, WA 98032. You won’t find high-pressure sales tactics here, only the best service possible.  

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