DIY vs Professional Window Installation

Many homeowners choose to tackle a lot of home renovation projects themselves. Not only is it a way to put their skills and creativity to good use, but it is also a great way to save money. But there are some projects best left to the professionals. Replacement windows in Redmond, WA are one such project. The installation process is deceptively complex, and even if you purchase top quality windows, you might render them useless with a faulty installation. And if something does go wrong the cost to correct the problem could be outrageous. So, no matter how handy you might be, here are some major reasons why you want to leave window installation to the professionals:

Better Product Advice

Working with window professionals means you get expert advice about products and technologies. There are so many styles, materials, and advancements. It can be complex and frustrating trying to pin down all the pros and cons. But working with a professional they can find you the best products to match your needs and your budget.

Accurate Measurements

Window installation comes down to precision. You can’t afford to mess up the measurement of your window openings and properly account for the frame, insulation, and clearance. One small error could ruin the project. Window professionals know how to account for the direct angles and frame spacing.


When you choose an installation company that has been in business for several years, you benefit from all that combined work experience. Not only is there a smaller margin of error and less risk, but these professionals can spot potential problems and work out a solution before a larger issue develops.


With proper experience comes proper certifications. Professional window contractors take specific training courses for the products they install. That means they can consistently install windows with proper knowledge and skill.


If you tackle a window replacement project that involves more than one window the process could take you weeks to complete. You don’t want to leave openings vacant in your home for that long. Window professionals can pull out an old window and insert the new one in about 30 minutes. With a team of installers, it would only take a project of 10 windows take only two days.


Along with proper skill, professional window installers also possess the right equipment. For you to purchase or rent every window tool, you would be spending even more money. And then you have to consider what to do with them once the project is complete. This is an added expense you would need to plan for if you try to install windows yourself.

Insurance and Protection

With professional work, you can get warranty coverage on products and services. If the windows don’t hold up or you experience leaks, the company will be responsible for replacement. Again, if you install the windows yourself the responsibility would be on you.

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