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Installer Yuriy

There is a simple formula for any quality home remodel: superior craftsmanship.  Superior workmanship always results in superior customer satisfaction.  It’s why we go out of our way to hire, train, and keep the best craftsman in the Seattle area.  Your home is just too important – to you AND to us – not to.

It takes time, effort, and money to find and train the right worker.  It costs even more money when you have to replace someone you just spent years training.  It’s why we can’t understand how other contractors are willing to cut deeply into labor costs.  If you don’t pay the best, you don’t keep the best.

It’s true; you can always find someone willing to work for less money.  But what’s the result?  You end up with a disgruntled worker who isn’t going to give his all to the job.  (This is particularly bad when the job is your home.)  Again, we value our customers and their homes too much to risk that.

We hire installers with years of training and experience.  Installers who take pride in their work.  They won’t cut corners.  They won’t do the minimum and call it good.

At Signature Window & Door Replacement, we never hire unskilled or untrained day laborers.  We hire AAMA-certified installers, which means they have obtained the highest training and certification in our industry.  They go through training with us.  And they go through factory training, which means they undergo training with our manufacturers in the specific best practices for installing the products we sell.

When a Signature installer arrives at your home, you can rest assured that your installation is in good hands.

It’s the only way we can confidently offer the Signature Lifetime Installation Guarantee.  Yes, all of our products come with manufacturer warranties.  But we go a step further.  For as long as you own your home, you’re covered for labor, materials, and glass breakage.

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