How to Childproof Your Home Windows

Accidents that happen to your children will most likely happen at home, and falls are most common. This is because children are unaware of risks that surround them. And windows, even those with screens, can pose a real threat. So many amazing things go on outside the glass, and they will attract your children. And with all the excitement they could put themselves in danger, especially second story windows. If you are not careful children playing around windows can cause serious injuries or even fatalities. But don’t dread your windows. Follow these simple steps to retain some peace of mind and keep the youngest members of your family safe.

Protecting Children from the Dangers of Home Windows

These steps will help keep your children safe around the windows in your home:

  1. Clear the Area

Children are more susceptible to falls when they can easily reach the windows. So you want to survey the area surrounding your windows and see if there is any furniture your child could use as a ladder. You also want to remove any light, stackable objects your child might use to gain access. Once you clear the area some windows may not require further protection. For the rest, here are some other ways to protect your children.

  1. Window Guards

Standard window screens alone will not keep your child safe. If you press up against them they can push out or rip. Window guards are a much safer option. These protectors are shaped like grilles and work like a baby gate for unsafe window openings. They can limit access and help prevent child window falls.

  1. Childproof Locks and Latches

Another option to improve the safety of your windows is to update to childproof locks. There are several products you can find. Different types of locks will protect different window styles like casement, sliding, and awning windows.

  1. Window Stops

Here also there are various types of products on the market to help keep your window from opening too far. One option is a childproof wedge. It stops double-hung and sliders. You can also use a Charley Bar, which works a lot like a boom gate. When the window shuts it automatically drops into place, and if you install it out or reach it can childproof your windows.

  1. Laminated Glass

Another great safety feature is choosing replacement windows with laminated glass. It is similar to the safety glass used in vehicle windshields. There is a thin membrane between the panes of glass. So instead of breaking into dangerous shards, the glass will crack, but adhere to the membrane and remain largely intact.

  1. Safe Blinds and Shades

Other dangerous aspects are the cords on shades and blinds. These could easily tangle up and result in accidental strangulation. If this is a concern you can upgrade to cordless blinds and shades. And when your child is old enough, it is important to sit down with them and discuss the importance of not playing with blinds and shades.

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