How to Get Rid of Frosty Glass

It is not only irritating to find frost on your windows, but it can be detrimental.   When water freezes it expands. If frost infiltrates a crack, it can break the seals on your windows and cause warping, rot, mold, or other types of damage.  Because of our weather conditions, old single pane wood windows in Tacoma, WA are especially vulnerable. So if you have windows that constantly fog or frost over in winter, no matter what you do, you need to take action. Here is what you need to know about window condensation and a few things you can do to get rid of it.

What Causes Interior Condensation and Frost?

Hazy windows come from extra moisture in the air. When warm air hits a cold surface the moisture condenses and is left behind. This is common in places like the bathroom and kitchen where humidity is high. But if the surface of the glass gets cold enough, the moisture can ice over. It is the same thing that happens to your car windows in winter.

Solutions for Iced Windows in Tacoma, WA

With these simple solutions you can reduce humidity and reduce your risk of constantly iced windows:

  1. Air Circulation

If you turn on your exhaust fans while cooking and showering this will help reduce humidity in the air. Another thing you can do in winter is run your ceiling fans counter-clockwise. This helps push warm air off the ceiling to spread it around to dry it out. Eliminating unwanted moisture can reduce the risk of window condensation and frost.

  1. Dehumidifier

If air circulation isn’t enough, then you might consider purchasing a dehumidifier. And if you don’t need one for the entire house, think about getting a smaller one to use in the rooms where windows fog up and freeze over.

  1. Weatherize Your Windows

With time and use the seals on your windows will break down. This makes your windows less efficient and can lead to condensation and window frost. So one way to improve insulation is to reseal your windows. Caulking or weather-stripping might make all the difference.

  1. Remove Plants or Aquariums

Both plants and aquariums release high levels of moisture in the air, and if you have them in a small room or right next to the window, this causes condensation. If you remove these items to larger areas of the home they won’t cause as much humidity and condensation.

  1. Warm Your Home

Sometimes you need to turn up the thermostat to keep the interior surfaces of window glass above freezing temperatures. Granted, if you don’t have efficient windows this could really drive up your energy costs.

  1. Install Storm Windows

Another option to improve insulation and cut down on window frost is to install storm windows. These specialized products typically sit inside or outside of your existing windows. The extra layer means better insulation and reduces frosting on the inner panes of glass.

  1. Window Replacement

If your windows are old and outdated you might be better off investing in replacement windows. Modern technologies have improved insulation, cut down on seal failure, and can protect your panes against freezing over.

If you want to consider replacement windows in the Tacoma, WA area, stop by 22613 68th Ave S, Kent, WA 98032. At Signature Window and Door we offer exclusive Infinity Fiberglass windows by Marvin. They are perfect for insulation and reducing frost on your windows. To set up a consultation call 253-887-7792.

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