Locally Owned And Operated

Signature Window & Door Replacement is a Puget Sound window company, not an impersonal corporation.

Grant Neiss & Randy Lucas Signature StorefrontSignature is locally owned and operated out of Auburn, Washington.  Grant Neiss and Randy Lucas are Seattle area residents.  They are part of the Puget Sound community.  They’ve raised their kids here.  And they are invested in excellent customer service because they’re serving their friends and neighbors.

In a recent survey out of the University of Arizona School of Business, over 60% of people surveyed said they had a bad customer service experience that wasn’t made right.  Over half of them didn’t even get an apology.

To which we say, “What the heck?!”

We know that Signature lives or dies on your satisfaction.  Maybe that’s the difference between Signature and an impersonal corporation.  We get that you and the experience you have with us matters.


The window and door industry doesn’t have the best reputation on earth.  Part of the problem is the tendency of some companies to use unvetted 3rd part subcontractors.  Signature uses experienced AAMA-certified contractors, which means they have the highest training and certification available in the industry.  We don’t trust your home or our reputation to anyone less qualified.

Personal Service

Have you ever had a customer service problem you couldn’t get resolved?  You tried contacting the company, but all you got was an impossible-to-navigate automated phone system or a canned auto-reply e-mail that no one ever followed up on.  It’s crazy making!  At Signature, a real person is going to answer the phone.  And a real person is going to work with you to resolve any problems that may arise.

We’re not perfect.  We try to prevent mistakes, but they happen.  When they do, we do everything in our power to make it right.

As a matter of fact, if you have any problem with a window we sold you, you can call us.  Even if it’s an issue covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, rather than our Signature Lifetime Installation Guarantee, we’ll work with the manufacturer on your behalf to resolve the issue.  You don’t have to figure out who’s actually going to help you, because WE are going to help you.


If you ever have a problem that’s you can’t immediately solved with your design consultant or installation coordinator, you can call and talk to Grant or Randy.  They each have over 30 years in the window industry.  There’s not too many situations they haven’t dealt with in that time.  If there’s anything that’s bothering you, we’ll make it right.

That’s a few of the many reasons we feel confident in saying that if you do business with us, you’ll be getting the best products, installation, and service in the industry.

To schedule your free in-home consultation, call us at 253.887.7792.


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