Natural Light in the Home Offers Health Benefits

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Natural Light in the Home[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Here’s one important ingredient to that healthier and happier life you’ve resolved to live this year: natural light.

Studies have shown that natural light causes the body to produce Vitamin D, a vitamin essential to good health.  Vitamin D allows your body to absorb calcium and promotes bone strength.  Vitamin D lowers your risk of disease.  Researchers are also investigating the link between Vitamin D deficiency and depression.  It has also been linked to greater levels of happiness and increased energy.

Here are some other interesting facts about natural light:

  • Test scores increased as much as 26% among students who learned in classrooms filled with natural light. (Study by Heschong Mahone Group of Sacramento, California.)
  • Sales at registers under skylights were 40% higher than those not in direct natural light. (Heschong Mahone Group study, Kansas Walmart, 1995.)
  • Companies that have invested in natural lighting retrofits to existing facilities have seen worker productivity jump between 13 to 16%. (“Greening the Building and the Bottom Line” (pdf) report by the Rocky Mountain Institute.)

You can brighten your days, too!

Today’s windows often have lower profiles, which widen your view and let in your light.  If you’ve been thinking about making a change to your windows, Signature Window & Door Replacement offers a variety of windows and installation options that will help bring your light into your home.  Do you want to change the shape, size, or location of windows to let in more light?  We can do that!  Do you want your new windows to be energy efficient?  We can do that, too!  Visit our window and door before-and-after galleries to see photos of actual Signature Window installations.

Do you want to learn more?

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