Why Should You Replace Your Windows NOW?

If your windows are 10 years old or older, they’re probably stealing more money out of your pocket than the IRS on a bad day.

According to the EPA, ENERGY STAR labeled windows are twice as efficient as the average window built just 10 years ago.  And 40-50% of a home’s energy cost is directly related to the efficiency – or inefficiency – of its windows.

From a strict energy efficiency view, windows are a bad idea.  If you want the most energy efficient home, insulate it well and skip the windows.  (We can’t promise good air quality, though.  Or, you know, light.)

Windows are a vital part of a safe, healthy home; no one would consider not using them.  But here’s the harsh reality: If your windows are a decade old or older, you’re throwing money out the window.  (Yes, the pun was intended.)

Technology is changing rapidly.  It’s true for Microsoft Windows. It’s true for the windows in your home.  (One could argue that home window technology is constantly improving, unlike the move from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  But that is neither here nor there.)  You’ve upgraded Windows on your computer.  Now it’s time for a stress-reducing upgrade: your home windows.  Improve your home’s appearance and energy efficiency, while lowering your utility bills.

5 Reasons You Should Replace Your Windows Now

Energy Efficiency & Saving Money

Ask most people looking for replacement windows in Seattle, and they’ll tell you it’s because their house doesn’t feel comfortable.  Homes become unbearably hot in the summer.  People spend a lot of money on insulating blinds that block sunlight – and foster mold growth by trapping cold air between the window and blinds.  That’s like treating cancer with an aspirin!  The real illness is your old windows.

Today’s modern window technology wasn’t available even five years ago.  Between low-emissivity glass to Marvin Infinity fiberglass window’s exclusive patented Ultrex Fiberglass, today’s windows are an excellent investment.

Signature Window & Door Replacement is the Puget Sound region’s exclusive dealer for Marvin Infinity fiberglass windows.  That puts us in the unique position to offer the highest quality windows on the market.  You’ll save significantly on heating and cooling costs and be more comfortable year-round.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Marvin Infinity fiberglass windows require little to no routine maintenance.  You just need to clean them periodically.  (Window technology has come a long way, but they’re still not self-cleaning.)

Marvin Infinity fiberglass windows don’t have to be scraped, sanded, taped, primed, painted, or repainted.  A specialty co-extruded coating is applied at the factory which won’t peel, flake, or blister.  This is especially relevant for Seattle homeowners.  Our invigorating coastal air is salt-laden and wreaks havoc on inferior windows.  In fact, some replacement windows require you to clean the frames with mineral spirits in order to remove salt deposits.  Then, you have to apply car wax to the frames to help prevent additional deposits.  We assume that’s not how you prefer to spend your free time.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning older windows is a chore.  Especially here in the Pacific Northwest.  It takes at least 20 minutes to clean one wooden window properly inside and out.  If you have a lot of windows, that becomes an all-day chore.  If you have storm windows, you have to take those down and then replace them in order to clean your windows.  And if you have a two-story home, you’re spending a lot of time cleaning – while standing on a ladder!  That makes the task potentially dangerous, as well as time-consuming.

Marvin Infinity fiberglass windows have a solution to this issue!  Our double-hung replacement windows have a concealed release button that allows the sashes to be tilted inward.  Casement windows have the “easy clean” hinge system.  Gliding windows have a release for sash removal.  This means that your windows can be completely cleaned on the spot, inside and outside.  No going outside. No ladder required.

Because of the increased overall efficiency of Marvin Infinity replacement windows, you don’t need exterior storm windows anymore.  Which means you can say goodbye to the frustration of removing and reinstalling them every time you clean.

New Windows Make Your Home Beautiful

If you’re going to the trouble of replacing your windows, you might as well make sure they’re gorgeous.  When building a home, a contractor’s mentality is often cost, rather than aesthetics.

Generally, homes built within the last 60 years have window styles that do not enhance the beauty of your home.  Signature Window & Door Replacement design consultants are experts at transforming your home with beautiful new windows!  We offer windows with sleek, thin lines for contemporary homes.  They will enhance the appearance your home while complimenting its style.

Homes older than 60 years often have beautiful windows.  And you don’t want to lose that beauty by replacing them with contemporary windows.  We have traditional-look window solutions with options that include divided lite grilles and even applied leading.  From complete replacement windows to inserts that are built to coexist seamlessly with your existing frames, we have the perfect window for your older home.

We can even reframe a wall to add a door or bigger window to enhance your views.

Increased Resale Value

You invest in home improvements with the expectation that you’ll receive a return on your investment (ROI).  This is particularly true in the unique Seattle housing market.  Not all investments pay off.  However, according to Remodeling Magazine, you can expect a return of over 75% when upgrading your windows.  Couple a 75% ROI with the money you’ll save on your energy bill and you can see how upgrading your windows with modern, high-quality windows with Signature Window & Door Replacement makes sense.

One More Reason to Choose Signature

By picking the right windows, you’ll save a significant amount of time and money while giving your home a fresh, updated look.

But regardless of what type of window you choose, the window is only as good as its installation.  Over 80% of a window installation occurs behind the walls – where you can’t see it.

It’s easy to hide marginal work or outright installation errors.  The Pacific Northwest winters are particularly unforgiving of installation problems.  And you won’t realize it’s a problem until it’s a really bad problem.  If water gets behind your window, it will result in water damage, mold, and rot.

Window failure can cost thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement costs.

Even a mistake as little as ordering a window 1/32nd of an inch off the correct measurement can result in disaster.  At Signature, we use installation craftsman.  Our installers are AAMA-certified, which means they have obtained the highest level of training and certification available.  They are also factory-trained, which means they’ve undergone manufacturer training in the proper installation of the specific windows and doors we carry.

Our installers take pride in their work.  We will install your windows the right way.  We are so confident that we’ll install your windows correctly, we offer the Signature Installation Warranty on every window and door we sell. That means that for as long as you own your home, you’re covered for materials, labor, and glass breakage on every window and door installation.

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