Choosing the right replacement windows in Seattle, WA for your home can be overwhelming. There are so many options to consider. Here are seven of the most popular styles for replacement windows in Seattle, WA:

Picture Window

These are a basic staple in almost any home. Picture windows do not open and close, but that doesn’t make them useful. They are simply glass inside a frame creating a picture of the view outside and letting in plenty of natural light. They can be small, medium, large, or expansive. They come in different shapes and materials. You can pair them with operable windows or leave them standing on their own.

Awning Window

These went out of style for a little while, but are coming back with a vengeance. These windows hinge at the top and push outward to open. They provide great ventilation in all types of weather because you can even open these windows if it is raining. The pane of glass creates a small roof over the opening keeping the elements out. The biggest thing is you have to consider the outdoor space to make sure there are no obstructions.

Casement Window

These windows hinge at the side and also open outward. They give you great control over ventilation because you can open them a small amount, or open them all the way. That said, these windows are never very wide because the assembly cannot support a heavy pane. But these windows do operate on a hand crank, so they are a perfect option for hard to reach areas.

Horizontal Sliding Window

These are another staple window used in almost every home. Horizontal sliding windows have a simpler assembly. One pane slides back and forth on a track across a fixed pane. They require very little in the way of maintenance and do not require any additional space to open. Also, these windows are wider than some other styles, making them great for light and ventilation.

Single or Double Hung Window

Of all the styles this is perhaps the most traditional. These windows feature one or two panes that slide up and down in the sash. These are a great option if you are looking for a taller window opening. They are good for ventilation and can work well in almost any room in the home.

Bay or Bow Window

These larger window installations quickly become the focal point of any room. They actually feature multiple windows that project outside. Bay windows have a central window with a window to either side set on an angle. Bow windows are four or more windows set on a gentle curve. They can be operable or non-operable, depending on the functionality you need.

Custom Window

Still not sure if any of these popular styles is the right choice for your home? Not to worry. You can customize a window to get exactly what you are looking for. Large, small, special shapes, unique colors—you can get what you want to match your unique tastes and the aesthetics of your home.

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