Why Fiberglass Windows are the Best Choice for Cold Weather

Cold weather is the perfect opportunity to curl up with something warm to drink and enjoy an evening indoors. Unfortunately, for many Tacoma homeowners, colder weather also means a spike in their electric bill, which is often a result of poorly insulating windows and doors. In fact, the American Energy Association states that around 60% of the energy home’s waste goes out through the doors and windows. The primary factor that determines how well your windows can help keep cold weather out and warm weather in is the material you choose. At Signature Windows, we believe there is no better option for energy efficient windows than fiberglass windows.

Fiberglass Windows are Weather Resistant

Cold weather often means moist weather, which can result in major damage for your windows. That’s because window frames that absorb excess moisture tend to warp, rot, and distort and that often leads to gaps and drafts. Materials that follow this pattern will need repairs year after year…otherwise you can expect a good chunk of your heating efforts to go straight out the window. Fortunately, fiberglass windows are weather resistant and won’t absorb any excess moisture.

Fiberglass Windows Come with Double (or Triple) Pane Glass

When it comes to energy efficiency, one factor that is frequently overlooked is the role of the windows’ glass density. Thick double and triple pane glass is ideal for providing optimal insulation to your home by both trapping in heat while keeping out the cold. That’s why fiberglass windows come standard with double and triple pane glass to provide you with the right amount of insulation for colder weather.

Fiberglass Windows Expand Just Enough

Energy efficient features like expansion are excellent tools for creating a nice snug fit within the frame to enhance insulation. You will find this feature not only with fiberglass windows, but with vinyl windows as well. The difference lies in the rate of expansion. Vinyl windows expand at a rate up to 4x’s greater than their glass, which can easily lead to window damage including drafts. Fiberglass windows avoid this problem by holding an expansion rate equal to that of its glass.

If you’re tired of facing expensive energy bills year after year, the good news is you have options! By stopping by Signature Windows and viewing our wide selection of quality fiberglass windows, you’ll be one step closer to durable, energy efficient windows in Tacoma, WA that can save you hundreds on your annual energy expenses. Not sure where to get started? How about a free one on one consultation with one of our professional window experts? To schedule your free consultation, just pick up the phone and dial 253-887-7792 or come meet us in person on our showroom floor located at 22613 68th Ave S, Kent, WA 98032. We look forward to assisting you with all of your window needs, and matching you with the right window choice for your home! We’re here to listen to your questions and give you valid answers!

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