What Makes Fiberglass Windows So Energy Efficient

While looking for the perfect set of energy efficient windows for your Seattle home, you’ll find it difficult to find a better option than fiberglass windows. Fiberglass windows are possibly the most energy efficient window material on the market. In fact, when you buy quality fiberglass windows, you can expect to save hundreds on your annual energy expenses. The reason why fiberglass windows can make your home greener while putting more money in your pocket is their strategically placed insulating features. Here we will be taking a closer look at these features so you know exactly what to look for while shopping for new energy efficient fiberglass windows.

Fiberglass Windows with Double or Triple Pane Glass

According to the American Energy Association, nearly 60% of the energy wasted in the average American household escapes through its windows and doors. That’s a good portion of your heating and cooling efforts, when you stop and think about it. While most homeowners believe that the majority of energy waste involving windows is due to drafts and gaps, a large portion of that energy lost escapes as a result of glass that’s entirely too thin. Homes with single pane glass cannot effectively trap in heating and cooling efforts, which is why it’s so important to choose fiberglass windows with thick, durable, double or triple pane glass.

Fiberglass Windows with Weather Resistant Frames

Another major reason some windows are unable to insulate their home is the lack of weather resistance their frames provide. Some frames, like wood, tend to absorb excess moisture that eventually causes the frames to rot and distort. Such weather damage leads to gaps and drafts, which sends your heating and cooling efforts straight out the window. Fiberglass frames are strong, durable, and won’t absorb excess moisture, which means you won’t need to worry about the moist weather causing a spike in your energy bill.

Fiberglass Windows Expand (but Just Enough)

By now, you may have heard about vinyl windows’ ability to expand in order to contribute increased insulation. While this may seem like a benefit, it actually leads to many problems further down the road. Vinyl windows do expand, however at a rate 4x’s greater than the glass, which can result in poorer energy efficiency. However, quality fiberglass windows (like Infinity by Marvin) expand at an equal measure than their glass…allowing your windows to provide enhanced insulation while still maintaining the strength of the window.

If you’re ready to bring home windows that will make your home more energy efficient, comfortable, and affordable, then it’s time to stop by Signature Windows to see our collection of quality fiberglass windows along with their many options. Our Seattle, WA window experts will happily introduce you to our most energy efficient models while answering any questions you may have about your fiberglass window project. To get started today, call 253-887-7792 or come by and us in person. Our showroom floor located at 22613 68th Ave S, Kent, WA 98032.

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