Homes with certain architectural styles call for unique features, like custom shaped windows. They look majestic and can elevate the style of a home from basic to beautiful. What few homeowners realize is custom shaped picture windows are actually quite affordable. When working with an experienced window company you can get new custom shaped replacement windows in Redmond, WA that fit your design needs as well as your budget.

What is a Custom Shaped Window?

Most custom shaped windows are fixed windows, also known as picture windows. Typically, they do not open and close. And because they are not operable, custom shaped windows cost less than moving windows and might be more affordable than you expect.

What Custom Window Shapes Can I Get?

For the most part, you can get a fixed window in almost any geometrical shape. You can consider sharp angles, round shapes, or even a combination. A few common shapes include triangle, rectangle, arch, and full round. More elaborate shapes include pentagon, octagon, eyebrow, elliptical, and trapezoid. These windows can work as stand-alone installations, or you can partner them with operable windows for a more elegant design. You might also consider adding designer glass with etched designs or inlays for an even more unique personality.

Benefits of Custom Shaped Windows

The most obvious advantage is aesthetics. Depending on the look you go for, shaped windows can add elegance, tradition, whimsy, or modernity to your home. Larger fixed windows let in more natural light and open up a great view. They also can become the focal point in any room and can be an excellent selling point. There are some practical advantages as well. Fixed windows last longer and are easier to maintain. There are no moving parts to wear out or break down or replace. Fixed windows are more durable, and your investment withstand the test of time. Fixed windows are also airtight, and with the right glazing options will not transfer heat. This is good for insulation and energy savings. And because they only way through a fixed window is by breaking the glass, it reduces the risk of break-ins.

Do I Want Custom Shaped Replacement Windows?

There are countless options for custom shaped replacement windows. You can add an arched window over a double-hung window, create a row of transom windows near the roofline, or add a window to the bathroom reminiscent of a porthole. You can truly make the design your own from the size of the window, the trim color, the glass, and the location. What might appear to be unattainable elegance might actually be well within your reach.

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