6 Common Myths about Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass made a splash in the window market and has quickly became one of the more widely purchased window materials. But many homeowners are wary and worry about fiberglass windows standing up to the hype. When purchasing replacement windows, you need to know you are getting products that will last for years to come—which is exactly what fiberglass can provide. But unfortunately, there is false information floating around. It has customers believing their concerns are justified. So here are a few misconceptions you shouldn’t believe about fiberglass windows:

  1. Fiberglass Windows are Too New

Many people are hesitant to purchase fiberglass windows because they don’t have a proven track record. Sure, compared to wood, aluminum, and even vinyl, fiberglass windows are fairly new. But while they are still considered cutting-edge, the patent for fiberglass windows dates as far back as 1946. The quality of today’s fiberglass windows speaks for itself. Window technologies have come leaps and bounds in the last thirty years. Fiberglass windows are dimensionally stable, well insulated, and weather resistant.

  1. Fiberglass Windows are Not Energy Efficient

The truth is many factors contribute to the efficiency of a window including size, style, material, glazing, and installation. But if you sit down with an expert and work together to choose the right model, material, and glazing options, you could save 35 percent or more on your energy bills with Marvin Infinity windows. This is especially true if your current windows are more than 20 years old.

  1. Fiberglass Windows Peel Over Time

One of the benefits of fiberglass windows is the wide array of color choices and finishes. And yes, you can paint fiberglass windows to more closely match your home’s exterior. But it doesn’t need to be painted and fiberglass resists UV rays naturally. By choosing a factory-finish coating, it will last for twenty years or more.

  1. Fiberglass Windows are High Maintenance

High quality fiberglass windows can look just like wood, and in turn, many people mistake that to mean these windows require the same upkeep. But you do not have to peel, sand, and refinish fiberglass windows every couple of years. These windows only require an occasional cleaning with mild soap and water to look like new.

  1. Fiberglass Windows are too Expensive

It is true that the upfront cost of fiberglass windows is generally higher than other materials, but you have other costs to consider. Wood windows require repeated maintenance to stay looking their best. Aluminum windows are strong, but can easily dent and scratch over time. Vinyl windows are weather resistant and energy efficient, but they don’t have as long as lifespan as fiberglass windows. Ultimately, fiberglass windows last longer with less maintenance, so you get what you pay for and the investment will be worth it in the long run.

  1. Fiberglass Windows Don’t Last Long

A lot of people believe fiberglass windows are brittle and that they will crack, chip, and fade. The truth is, fiberglass windows are actually more impact resistant than other window materials. These windows have the lowest seal failures and the longest high quality performance. But to capitalize on all these benefits, proper installation is key.

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