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For Seattle area homeowners interested in wood-clad windows, we recommend Marvin extruded aluminum clad wood windows. Interior wood species used for wood clad windows include pine, fir, mahogany, white oak, and cherry. Our wood-clad windows are available in 19 exterior colors, from subdued earth tones to deep “statement piece” colors. (Custom colors are also available!) Wood clad windows are a great solution for our wet Northwest weather! Enjoy the look of wood windows without committing to the special care required to fend off wood rot.

What’s the difference between the extruded aluminum Marvin uses compared to the roll-form aluminum of some competitors? It’s the difference between a U.S. quarter and an aluminum pop can. Deeply valued for its strength and durability, the heavy-duty extruded aluminum is the same coating used on high rises around the world.

The specialty paint finish Marvin uses for wood-clad windows is Fluropon® by Valspar. Unlike other wood clad window solutions, Marvin forms their clad extrusions and then puts them through a 5-step process before applying commercial-grade specialty paint. This manufacturing process results in a thick finish that will retain beauty, color, and gloss for many years to come. It is the only finish on the market which exceeds AAMA 2605 rating standards and is warrantied for twenty years. It is the highest quality finish on the market. It’s also Energy Star and LEED compliant.

Marvin offers a specialty 20-year warranty, which includes protection against defects resulting in chalk, fade, and loss of adhesion (peel). Plus, Signature offers a lifetime installation warranty on top of the Marvin warranty. For as long as you own your home, you are covered for labor, materials, and glass breakage.

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