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Installed to Exacting Standards: Our Installation Process

Over 80% of a window’s installation is what you can’t see.

When you buy new windows, you put your trust in the fact that the company you’re working with are experts in their field and know how to install windows the right way. Unfortunately, some window companies are able to offer the lowest prices because they hire inexperienced, low-paid installers.

We can’t begin to tell you the number of homes in which we’ve found improperly installed windows.

 The main culprits:
  • Failure to order the correct sized window for the opening
  • “Rip and Stick” installations
  • Improperly installed or non-existent window flashing
  • Improperly installed or non-existent insulation

Many installation problems begin with the fact that someone didn’t order the right size window in the first place.  To save money, some companies will order a “standard size” that isn’t sized correctly for the opening.  So what does the installer do?  He “makes it fit.”  The result is an ill-fitting window, that will most likely have problems with air and water infiltration over time.

Then, there is the infamous “Rip & Stick” installation. There’s a reason windows come with nail fins; they prevent air and water intrusion.  Some companies elect to rip off the window fin (flange) and stick the new window in with screws to save time and installation costs.  They secure it with screws, add a whole lot of caulking, and call it a window installation.  (It’s not a good one.)  Also known as a “glue & screw,” this type of installation results in long-term problems.

To properly install a window – and thereby gain all the insulating properties you’re paying good money for! – the following process must be carefully followed:

  • Cut back existing siding to desired exterior trim width
  • Remove existing window
  • Cut back interior liner to correct depth so the window is not floating in space without correct support
  • Caulk backside of nail fin to ensure air and moisture seal
  • Screw nail fin into existing studs
  • Use moisture-resistant adhesive tape over fin as secondary air and moisture barrier
  • Apply exterior trim
  • Caulk between window and trim and between trim and siding

Our crews are fully-trained to make sure every window and door we sell are properly installed.  We use AAMA-certified installers, which means they have obtained the highest level of training and certification available.  They are also factory-trained, which means they have undergone manufacturer training in the installation of the specific products we carry.

We use the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines, combined with the industry’s “best practices” to ensure the utmost durability and performance of your windows and doors.  That’s why we can confidently provide the Signature Installation Warranty on every window and door we install.


At Signature Window & Door Replacement, we only work with manufacturers who provide outstanding warranties.  But we go a step further: We provide a lifetime installation warranty on every window and door we sell.  That means for as long as you own your home, you’re covered for materials, labor, and glass breakage on every window and door installation. 

For peace-of-mind window installation, call us at (253) 887-7792.