Windows are a critical feature in every home. They provide ventilation, natural light, security, and insulation. They can also have a dramatic impact on aesthetics both inside and outside. For these reasons, adding windows or getting replacement windows in Seattle, WA can create dramatic changes to the home. These are some of the rooms and areas where additional windows or replacement windows make a big impact:

Tiny Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one area of the home where privacy is a priority. In the past, this usually meant reducing the size and number of windows in the bathroom. But that also meant missing out on natural light and ventilation. Is there a better way to balance light and privacy? Yes! One option is to add a skylight into the ceiling of the bathroom. This will enhance the space, making it feel larger without sacrificing privacy. Another option is to add larger windows with etched glass. The opacity on these installations lets in plenty of light but will obscure the view from the outside.

Little Bedrooms

Most bedrooms require an egress window that can function as an escape route during an emergency. Unfortunately, most builders choose to install windows that fit the minimum requirements. This means bedroom windows are often small, standard windows that do little to enhance the space. Adding or getting replacement windows in a small bedroom can make the space feel larger. It will also improve ventilation and add more options for escape if there is ever a need to use them in an emergency.

Small Kitchens

Kitchens can quickly get humid and hot while you are cooking and cleaning. Especially small kitchens. This is an area of the home where added light and ventilation are important. The more, the better, especially if you want to make the space more livable. But where can homeowners install additional windows if there is not any extra exterior wall space? One option is to make a small window above the sink larger. Installing a projection window in its place can create more space, allow for ventilation, and catch more sunlight. Another option is to install transom windows above the kitchen cabinets or skylights in the ceiling. This will help elevate the eyes and make the kitchen feel taller and more spacious. It will also reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Dim Entryways

Additional or replacement windows in the entryway can also have a dramatic impact. The entry makes the first impression of the home. And having a dark, crowded space when you first walk in is not going to create the best impression. A great way to make the space more appealing is adding sidelights or a transom window around the door. The added light is useful and appealing. But new windows will also boost curb appeal, add value to your home, and enhance the overall aesthetic.

Adding windows or getting replacement windows in Seattle, WA is a big investment. You want to make sure you choose the best products and get reliable installation from a company you can trust. Consider contacting Signature Window & Door Replacement.