As a homeowner. you want to do what you can to protect your home and property. And windows, while they serve many important purposes, are some of the vulnerable points in the exterior envelope of your home. Most intruders look for unlocked doors and windows, or windows they can easily jimmy to break in through. So, when it comes to getting window replacement in Sammamish, WA safety and security should be features you consider. Here are some things you should know so you find the right products to protect your home:

Secure Window Styles

Different window styles provide different levels of protection. Because picture windows do not open and close these are often considered the most secure. But you can’t install picture windows in every room. You need some windows for ventilation. Most window experts agree that casement windows are another secure option. These hinge to one side and open and close like a door. They latch on the inside and if you make an effort to keep them closed and locked they are very difficult for intruders to force open. Other safe options include horizontal sliding, single hung, and double hung windows.

Reinforced Window Frames

When you are deciding on replacement windows another big decision is the frame material. This will dictate not only the efficiency, durability, and aesthetic of your new windows but also the strength and security. Most modern window materials are durable, but fiberglass and aluminum top the list when it comes to strength and rigidity.

Glazing Technologies

Window glass has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Instead of breaking into large and dangerous shards, windows today are made with laminated or impact resistant glass. It breaks into smaller, less dangerous pieces and remains largely intact. These technologies make glass more difficult to break through.

Privacy Glass or Window Treatments

Another great way to protect your home is with privacy. Most intruders don’t want to break into a home that they can’t see into. You can apply an opaque film to your windows, invest in etched privacy glass, or simply make better use of your window treatments. Making sure your windows are covered not only ensures privacy but also improves the security of your home.

Window Locks or Bars

Locks and latches on your windows are important for the safety and security of your home. If they are flimsy or broken they will not do you much good. You want to make sure the hardware on all of your windows is in good, working order. And if you want to boost security you can upgrade to stronger locks and latches or other security products that will protect your home and keep it safe.

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