Comparing Vinyl Windows to Wood Windows

The majority of homeowners in Auburn fall into two categories: those who love wood windows and those who love vinyl windows.  The truth is, both windows have benefits.  Each offers a unique style and features.

If you are trying to decide between wood windows and vinyl windows, how do you decide?

The first step is to determine your needs as a homeowner.

  • Are you going to stay in your house long-term?
  • Are you anticipating selling your home? What kind of resale value are you looking to get back from your window investment?
  • How much maintenance are you willing to invest in caring for new windows?
  • What is your home style? What look are you going for?

Here are some side-by-side issues to consider after you’ve had a chance to figure out the answers to the above questions.


Wood windows: One of the leading reasons Auburn homeowners love wood windows is their natural look and feel.  (We do live in one of the timber capitals of the world, after all!)  Wood windows are strikingly beautiful and come in a wide variety of species and tones.  They are easily updated with paint or staining.

Vinyl windows: Once upon a time, vinyl windows only came in white.  As vinyl windows have become more common, manufacturers have expanded their vinyl product options.  Today, you can purchase Vinyl windows in Bellevue, WA in a variety of colors and styles.

Energy Efficiency

Wood windows:  When wood windows are installed, they do an excellent job of naturally insulating your home.  However, wood holds excess moisture, which causes wood windows to warp and rot over time.  (Moisture damage is a serious consideration in the Pacific Northwest.)  Warped windows become drafty windows.  With ongoing maintenance and repairs, wood windows can maintain their energy-efficient qualities.  However, this requires diligent care.

Vinyl windows: Vinyl windows have become well known for energy efficiency.  They don’t hold onto excess moisture, which reduces warping and drafts.  Vinyl windows are also available in double- and triple-pane glass.  And they contribute to overall insulation capabilities.


Wood windows: Wood windows require significant maintenance.  They must be peeled, sanded, and painted or stained frequently to maintain their appearance.

Vinyl windows:  Simonton vinyl windows have been praised for their low-maintenance and durability.

A third option

You now have another option: fiberglass windows.  Fiberglass windows can be manufactured to beautifully imitate the look and feel of real wood windows without the upkeep.  They are 8x stronger than vinyl and last more than 30% longer.  Because fiberglass has the lowest expansion and contraction rates of any window material, they won’t warp and bust their seals.  Signature is the exclusive regional dealer for Marvin Infinity fiberglass windows.  We believe they are the highest quality windows on the market today.

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