For most manufacturers, double glazed windows (two panes of glass) have long been the standard. They provide great insulation, protection, and noise reduction for most climates across the United States. But double glazed replacement windows in Woodinville, WA are not the only options. You can also get triple glazed windows (three panes of glass). Will these products overtake the market or is the cost of these products too high to be worth it? Here is what you need to know about the benefits of triple glazed windows so you can make the most informed decision:

1. Efficiency

Insulated glazing units (IGUs) usually feature two panes of glass sealed as a single unit. A spacer sets them apart and the airspace is filled with a noble gas. This improves the energy performance of these windows because the noble gas has more density than air. As you can guess, triple glazed windows provide even more insulation. Not only is there an extra layer of glass, but there is also more noble gas the heat must pass through before it escapes. This is especially good for keeping the home warm and comfortable in the colder months. That said, upgrading form a double glazed to a triple glazed window might only save you two or three percent more on your energy bills.

2. Safety and Security

An extra layer of glass can do great things for the safety and security of your home. First, it makes windows more resilient and less prone to shatter and break. This is good for those inside your home and will improve safety for the occupants. And it is bad news for intruders because they have an added layer to break through if they want to gain access to the home. Triple glazing can also protect you against impacts, especially if you use impact-resistant glass for the layers.

3. Condensation

Some people would argue that because triple glazed windows have more glass they are heavier and more prone to seal failure. This isn’t true. In fact, triple glazed windows are less likely to develop condensation between the panes and on exterior surfaces. This is because the temperature on the innermost pane of glass will largely mimic the inside temperature, remaining neutral to the touch. Droplets will be less likely to collect there.

4. Daylight

If you want more daylight in your home, then triple glazed windows may not be the optimal choice. The extra pane of glass does block more light, though the difference may not feel significant to some. But, if you do want to block daylight for specific windows in your home, then triple glazed windows give you more surfaces for tints and privacy glass.

5. Soundproofing

Surprisingly, triple-paned windows do not have a major advantage over double-paned windows when it comes to soundproofing. Some windows will have a sound transmission coefficient (STC) rating you can use to compare products. But for the most part, if you want to soundproof rooms of your home then laminated coatings on the windows might be a better option.

Still not sure if you want double or triple glazed replacement windows in Woodinville, WA? Are the advantages really worth the extra cost? Contact Signature Window & Door Replacement to talk with some of our experts.