What Experts Wish You Knew About Fiberglass Windows

Shopping for windows for your Seattle home is the perfect opportunity to enhance the overall security, energy efficiency, and comfort of your house. However, this directly depends on the type of window material and style you choose. There are a number of choices out there and it’s important to remember that each will vary when it comes to quality and efficiency. That is why at Signature Windows, we strongly recommend fiberglass windows to homeowners looking for the ideal choice. Let’s take a closer look at fiberglass windows and what the experts wish you knew about them.

Fiberglass Windows Aren’t as Pricey as You Might Think

One common misconception that homeowners tend to have about fiberglass windows is that they’re too expensive. While fiberglass windows are made from a high quality material, that typically isn’t the reason for their high-priced reputation. Thing get expensive because a majority of window companies don’t specialize in fiberglass windows. So if a homeowner requests them, they often have to be imported in from another locations, which results in additional shipping charges. Not only does shopping with a window company that specializes in fiberglass windows make them more affordable, but there are a number of areas (like your monthly bills) where fiberglass windows help you save money over the years to come.

Fiberglass Windows Expand, but Not Like Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows, (another popular window option) have also earned a strong reputation for their energy efficient features. One of those features is their ability to expand and contract to increase insulation. However, many homeowners don’t know that when vinyl windows expand, it can lead to long-term problems. That’s because vinyl windows expand at a rate 4x’s greater than their glass, placing excess pressure everywhere and actually leading to even more gaps and drafts as time goes by. Fortunately, fiberglass windows expansion technique doesn’t lead to such problems, as the windows expand at an equal rate to the glass.

Fiberglass Windows Can Increase Your Resale Value

While most homeowners don’t think several years down the line when shopping for their windows, we highly suggest they do. Some window materials, like fiberglass windows, have been found to actually increase the resale value of a home, making them a sound and worthwhile investment. If you have any aspirations of moving, even in the distant future, think of resale value when replacing windows.

There’s so much more to fiberglass windows than what meets the eye, but what meets the eye is pretty great as well! Don’t believe us? Stop by Signature Windows to look over the many quality fiberglass window options on our showroom floor. Our dedicated team of experts will be there to assist you by answering any questions you have along the way. To check out your Seattle, WA fiberglass window options, call 253-887- 7792 or stop by in person at 22613 68th Ave S, Kent, WA 98032. We look forward to assisting you with all of your window needs and helping you find the fiberglass windows of your dreams.

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