FAQs about Fiberglass Windows

At some point you will probably have to replace the windows in your home and it is a substantial investment. You want to be sure to make informed decisions so your windows will last. Fiberglass windows are gaining massive popularity in Bellevue, WA. But still, many homeowners have a lot of questions about these top of the line products. Are they really worth all the hype? To make sure you get all the information you need, here are a few answers to questions we get asked most often about fiberglass windows.

How are fiberglass windows made?

Fiberglass is used in several different home construction products including insulation. Each type has a different manufacturing process. Marvin Infinity windows are made out of a durable fiberglass called Ultrex. Basically, thin strands of glass are woven together and combined with a resin for strength and durability.

Are they durable?

Fiberglass windows are built to last. Though lightweight, the material is highly durable. In fact, it is one of the strongest window materials on the market today. It is eight times stronger than vinyl, which keeps it maintenance free for years.

What is the maintenance for fiberglass windows?

Because there is no thermal expansion and contraction and the material is weather resistant, these windows do not require any expensive maintenance. To keep them looking like new, you only need to wash them with mild detergent and glass cleaner and lubricate the tracks on occasion.

Are they good insulators?

These windows are stable and remain airtight without contraction and expansion. And because the material does not alter due to temperature fluctuations the seals stay intact. And with thermal breaks and insulation, it is tough to beat the energy efficiency of fiberglass windows.

Do I have style and color options?

Absolutely. In the early years, fiberglass windows came only in limited styles, sizes, and colors. But now the improved manufacturing process means you can get these windows in a wide range of options. You are sure to find the style and color you want for your home.

How do fiberglass windows compare in price?

While it depends on size and glazing options, fiberglass windows are typically more expensive. But you will certainly get what you pay for when you choose to make these upgrades.

Do I have to replace all my windows at once?

No. You can choose to only replace two or three windows. Most people with older windows choose to replace them all at once to save on installation costs. But you can also only replace certain windows and complete the project in two or three phases if you choose.

Get Fiberglass Windows from Signature Window

Not only have fiberglass windows caught up, but they have surpassed other window materials. They are stronger and lighter than wood and aluminum and as low-maintenance and unaffected by temperature and water as vinyl. And with Marvin Infinity windows classed as leaders in fiberglass window construction and design, the choice is clear. If you are looking for fiberglass windows in Bellevue, WA contact Signature Window at 253-887-7792. Or visit 22613 68th Ave S, Kent, WA 98032 to check out these products firsthand.

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