Why We Love Fiberglass Windows and You Should Too

At Signature Windows, we know you have a number of options available for windows in your Redmond home. However, when it comes to window materials, there’s no option we suggest over fiberglass windows. Fiberglass windows are some of the most technologically advanced windows on the market and provide homeowners with a number of benefits, which could explain their vast popularity throughout the country. To help you decide if fiberglass windows are the right option for your home, we’ve put together a list of some of the reasons why our window experts love fiberglass and why you should too!

Fiberglass Windows are Stunning

When fiberglass windows first hit the market, homeowners were amazed by their striking resemblance to traditional wood windows. Since then, the two materials have become virtually indistinguishable, with manufacturers even adding more natural touches to it like knots and imperfections. The final results are windows that are absolutely stunning for any style of home.

Fiberglass Windows are Energy Efficient

While fiberglass windows may look just like wood windows, they provide homeowners with much stronger energy efficient capabilities. That’s because window materials like wood tend to absorb excess moisture, causing the frames to rot and resulting in the formation of drafts over time. Fortunately, quality fiberglass windows from Infinity by Marvin have been designed to stand strong against the elements, not absorbing any moisture or receiving weather damage. As a result, the additional energy efficient features like triple pane glass and long-lasting material work overtime to help you save on those monthly energy bills.

Fiberglass Windows are Low Maintenance

Looking forward to the peeling, sanding, painting and staining required by some window models? You’re not? Well, then fiberglass windows are the choice for you! Due to their lasting durability, fiberglass windows are one of the most low maintenance material options on the market, requiring little more than the occasional cleaning with soap and water to continue looking brand new!

Fiberglass Windows Last Longer

Many homeowners are surprised to find out just how long fiberglass windows will really last. The truth is, fiberglass windows are some of the longest lasting windows on the market, with some models lasting up to 4x’s the lifespan of vinyl windows. That means your home will need fewer window replacements over the years and you’ll save even more money!

Still not sure whether or not fiberglass windows in Redmond, WA are the right option for you? Stop by Signature Windows to speak with one of our qualified window experts. Our professionals will answer each of your questions, introduce you to our many quality fiberglass window models, and provide you with a free, no pressure consultation. So what are you waiting for? Get started today by calling 253-887-7792 or come by and see our fiberglass windows models in person on our showroom floor located at 22613 68th Ave S, Kent, WA 98032. We look forward to assisting you with all of your window needs and answering your questions about fiberglass windows!

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