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Windows are an essential part of the home. They let in light and ventilation. They contribute to aesthetics. And they also protect against the elements, insulating the home and boosting energy efficiency. But if windows develop leaks they lose some of these important functions. It might not seem like a significant difference, but over time the cost of energy losses will add up. The only real solution is replacement windows in Seattle, WA. But what causes window leaks? Here are a few common factors:   

Accidental Damage 

Perhaps one of the most apparent causes of windows leaks is broken glass. Windows are magnets for baseballs, rocks, and all sorts of projectiles. Some damages are obvious, but other cracks can go unnoticed for weeks or even months. And all the while these windows leak both air and moisture. This is why part of your cleaning routine should include inspecting your windows for damage. And if you do notice cracks in the glass or damage to the frames you want to get repairs or replacement quickly.   

Poor Installation 

This is one of the reasons why you do not want to install windows on your own or leave the project to just any contractor. Window installation is one home improvement project that takes precision, skill, training, and the proper tools if you want to get the job done right. Otherwise, faulty installation could damage your windows, cause leaks, and result in premature window failure.   

Neglecting Maintenance 

Taking care of your windows should be a top priority, especially if you have wood window frames. And though the job might seem straight forward, there are some guidelines you need to follow if you want to keep your windows in top shape. Usually, all you need is water, mild soap, and a soft cloth to clean the frames and a generic class cleaner on the panes. Never use harsh chemicals, abrasives, or power washers to clean your windows. These will do more harm than good and often result in window leaks.   

Water Damage 

A common problem in Seattle is moisture. If water leaks into the assembly of your windows it can freeze, expand, and cause some serious damage. Or it can seep into the walls causing mold, rot, or warping. Either way, water leaks are never good. Signs of water damage include discoloration, peeling paint, or warping.   

Insects and Pests  

Bugs, rodents, and other similar critters can cause serious damage to your home and windows. They bite, claw, gnaw, and scratch their way leaving damage in their wake. With enough effort the vermin can cause leaks.   


Windows are exposed to use as well as the elements. Over time parts of the window break down, especially caulk and weather stripping. This is why regular inspections and maintenance are so important. It is the only way to stay ahead of major leaks.   

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