Preparing Your Home for New Window Installation

Congratulations! You have decided to invest in new fiberglass windows for your home in Redmond, WA. These will give you great energy savings, increase the value of your home, and provide protection and security. But deciding on the windows is not the end. Once you have scheduled your installation, there are things you can do to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Create a Path

Window replacement requires a lot of in and out. You want to make sure the installation crew has plenty of room to maneuver. Clear the floor of any obstructions they might trip over. Another consideration is to allow access to the outlets so they can power the tool they need for the installation. Lock up your pets and keep your kids from getting underfoot. This will make the job go faster and keep everyone safe.

  1. Clear Away Furniture

It takes a lot of maneuvering to remove old windows and place new ones. If you have couches or dressers directly under your windows, push them out of the way. You might also think about removing any artwork or wall hangings. While not extensive, window removal and installation does require some demolition. You don’t want a family portrait to accidentally fall off the wall and break. And last but not least, pull down any drapes, blinds, and window hangings you have. If you plan to reuse them, keep them in a storage bin until the new fiberglass windows are in place.

  1. Clean Outside Windows

Preparations don’t end with the inside. Once you are done clearing a path, moving furniture, and taking down the drapes, check for obstructions outside as well. Do you have outdoor furniture under the windows? Are there any plants or shrubs that need trimming? Is there any décor hanging in the way? You can easily move these items and cut down on the installation time.

  1. Put Down Covers and Dust Cloths

While demolition is minimal, there will still be plenty of dust during new window installation. Granted, the team will do all they can to keep your home clean and leave it as neat as they found it. But you will want to do what you can to help cut down on mess. That said, you will want to contact the installation company first. They will probably plan to bring drop cloths of their own and you putting them down could be a liability. Double check to make sure there are no restrictions before you cover anything.

  1. Give them Access

Hopefully you can be on site during the window installation. That way, you can let the crew inside, contact your security company to shut off the alarms, and handle any questions or concerns that crop up. But if you cannot be on site, make sure that a neighbor, friend, or family member can be there to let the crew in and keep track of things in your absence. The last thing you want is to delay getting new windows because they couldn’t get inside.

These few tips will help you prepare your home for new fiberglass windows in Redmond, WA. Faster installation means you will be enjoying your new windows in no time. To set up an appointment with Signature Window and Door Replacement, call 253-887-7792. You can also visit 22613 68th Ave S, Kent, WA 98032 to see products in person and get more advice on how to prep your home for installation.

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