4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing New Windows

Shopping for new windows can be exciting.  There are more styles to choose from than ever before.  You can select the perfect windows for your home – not just choose from a few so-so options.

Seattle area replacement windows are a major home renovation investment.  Make sure you choose right the first time.

Ask yourself these important questions to help ensure you get the windows that meet your specific needs:

  1. What problem am I trying to solve with new windows?

People have different reasons for replacing the windows in their home.  You might want to replace your windows because you want energy-efficient windows that will reduce your energy bill.  Or you may be tired of drafty windows in the winter.  (And if you have one of the few homes in Seattle with air conditioning, it is maddening to realize your nice cool summer a/c is flowing right out of your old windows.)  Maybe your windows are small; you may want larger windows that do your amazing Northwest views justice.  Or maybe your windows have gotten so foggy that it doesn’t matter how big they are.  The problems you are facing are not unique, but they are important in determining which windows will meet your needs.

  1. What material do I want for my new windows?

It’s important to remember that the material of your windows affects more than just aesthetics.  The window material you choose helps determine the amount of energy efficiency, maintenance, comfort, and costs associated with your windows.  That’s why we recommend learning about the benefits and disadvantages associated with each window material before making your purchase.  Which window material you choose will play a major role in answering question #3.

  1. How much time am I willing to invest in caring for my new windows?

Since every window material acts differently over time, each material requires different levels of upkeep and maintenance.  For example, wood windows require annual peeling, sanding, and painting or staining annually, while vinyl or fiberglass windows require occasional washing with soap and water.  Once you’ve determined how much time you’re willing to invest, you’ll find it much easier to find a material and style that meets your maintenance expectations.

  1. What is your budget – immediate and long-term?

Most homeowners have an idea about how much they’re willing to spend to purchase new windows in Bellevue, WA.  However, few consider their long-term window budget.

Your long-term window budget includes the cost of service and repairs, as well as any necessary upkeep.  And if you haven’t invested in extended performance windows, you may need to budget for new replacement windows to replace your replacement windows.

If you’ve asked yourself these four questions and would like guidance on finding the right windows for your home, we recommend you schedule your free in-home consultation with a Signature Window & Door Replacement design consultant.  We’ve been helping Puget Sound homeowners find their perfect windows since 1999.

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