3 Signs Your Home Needs Replacement Windows

If you’re like the majority of Redmond, WA homeowners, you’ve put off replacing your windows until glass shatters or irreparable frame damage occurs.  There are a number of benefits you miss out on by delaying your Redmond, WA window replacement.  The truth is, your windows begin to show signs that they need to be replaced long before any obvious damage occurs.  Unfortunately, you may not recognize the signs until it is too late.

Here are three common signs to look for when assessing if it’s time to replace your windows:

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#1 Your Energy Bill Continues to Climb

Have you switched out your outdated light bulbs and unplugged unused appliances and electronics – and yet your energy bill continues to climb?  If so, your windows may be the problem.  Homes with traditional windows typically have frames that hold on to a lot of excess moisture.  In the Puget Sound region, that is particularly problematic.  According to U.S. News & World Report, Seattle received 44.7 inches of rain between October 2017 and April 2017.   That’s a lot of moisture for your windows to contend with!  Over time, this moisture begins to damage many windows frames, causing them to warp, rot, and become distorted.  Eventually, this damage results in drafts.  Along with the poor indoor climate control that results, your heating and air conditioning are quite literally going out the window.

[link US News & World Report to https://www.usnews.com/news/us/articles/2017-04-25/soggy-seattle-lives-up-to-name-breaks-another-rain-record   open in new window]

#2 It’s Becoming Harder to Find Replacement Parts

Window designs evolve.  Older window models are discontinued and their parts are no longer produced.  That means the replacement parts that are available will become increasingly difficult to find and even more increasingly expensive.  It also means that your current windows are obsolete.  It’s rather like running Microsoft’s Windows Vista.  Can you run it on your computer? Technically, yes.  But Microsoft won’t support it anymore.  The best decision is to upgrade.  (Whether you upgrade to Windows 7 or 10 is a different conversation.)  To maintain your home’s quality and structural integrity, we suggest replacing your current windows with a newer model.

#3 Your Windows Frequently Become Jammed

If opening and closing your windows feels like a mini workout, take it as a sign that it’s time to replace your windows.  While all windows have a slight resistance for safety purposes, normal windows shouldn’t become jammed in place.  Not only is this issue an annoyance, but it’s also a safety hazard, particularly for young children.

If you’ve noticed one or more of these three signs you should replace your windows, we recommend you call us at 253.887.7792 to schedule your free no-pressure, in-home consultation.  Our design consultants are ready to answer your questions.  They’ll help you select the perfect windows for you and your home.  We look forward to assisting you with all of your Redmond, WA window and door replacement needs.

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