Most burglars look for targets of convenience. They don’t want to make a lot of noise or draw attention to a burglary. This is why they look for unlocked doors or weak windows. With an increase in the number of burglaries happening annually, you don’t want to leave your home vulnerable. Instead, you can boost home security with window replacement in Kirkland, WA. Here are just a few ways these windows can make your home safe and secure:

Stronger Window Frames

Modern windows have stronger window frames. They are made from materials built to withstand impacts and last for years to come. Vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass windows have the strength and durability to last 20 years or more. They will also hold up better against someone trying to break in.

Secure Window Styles

Not all window styles are created equal when it comes to security. Picture windows do not open and close, which makes them some of the most secure on the market. But a close second is casement windows. These feature latches and a crack on the inside, and are extremely difficult to pry open from the outside. Other secure options include sliding, single hung, and double hung windows if you have strong enough locks and latches.

Durable Locks and Latches

New window systems will have better locks made from stronger materials. They can also have additional hooks, latches, bolts, and locking pins. Today you can even purchase additional locks to use on the windows. More locks will often dissuade a burglar looking to gain entry to your home. You might also consider investing in an alarm system or contact sensors to use on your windows that will alert you if windows are opened.

Extra Window Panes

Most standard windows come with two panes of glass. This improves efficiency and boosts security. But you can also get windows with triple or even quadruple glazing. Each extra pane of glass adds another layer of security. That said, each pane will also drive up the cost of your replacing windows, and many homeowners don’t find the cost worth the benefits.

Special Glazing Options

Today there are several things you can do to the glass on your windows. Laminated coatings and tempered glass can make it show the glass on your windows doesn’t shatter into large shards. Impact resistant glass features an adhesive interlayer that keeps the glass largely intact, even if the glass breaks. Both of these technologies are great for safety, but also improve the security of your windows. Another thing to consider is installing privacy glass because burglars don’t usually like to target homes they cannot see inside.

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