Natural light is important, which is why people have a natural attraction to sunlight. It is why even cave dwellings had holes carved out to allow in light and ventilation. Honestly, can you imagine a home without any windows? It would be enclosed, dark, damp and probably a very dreary place to live. This is why windows are so important and homeowners need to take care when finding the right replacement windows in Maple Valley, WA. Here is what you should know about daylight and how to better implement it in your own home:

What is Daylighting?

This is a strategy that uses the placement and design of windows to get more natural light into a building so there is less reliance on artificial light. Daylight is a challenge because of sunlight shifts from morning to evening and season to season. But the effort is worth it because of the many benefits natural light affords.

Benefits of Daylighting

Here are just a few of the advantages of getting more natural light in the home:

Improved Circadian Rhythms

First, exposure to the outdoors and daylight provide the body with a stronger connection to space and time. More sunlight through the day can impact how well a person sleeps at night. In fact, studies show just 30 minutes of early morning light is some of the most beneficial. On the other hand, artificial light has little to almost no effect on circadian rhythms, which is often why people who spend the majority of their day under artificial lights often have trouble sleeping.

Better Health and Well Being

Sunlight also boosts vitamin D. This is important for bone growth but also helps prevent certain types of cancer and heart disease. Most residents in the United States have a deficiency in vitamin D, mostly due to a lake of exposure to natural light.

More Positive Outlook and Attitude

Sunlight helps people to feel calm and more positive. That is why in winter when days are short and sunlight is sparse, many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It is a type of depression that comes and goes with the winter season.

Increased Productivity

Daylight also helps people focus and get more work done. Several studies around the globe indicate that more natural light produces higher energy levels and lead to higher productivity.

Better Vision

Many people spend their day staring at computer screens, tablets, phones, and televisions. This can cause serious eye strain and may even permanently damage the eye. Natural light produces dopamine, which can reduce the risk of nearsightedness in children and young adults.

Energy Savings

Natural light is free. It not only limits the need for artificial light but can also reduce HVAC expenses as radiant heat enters the home in the colder months.

Pleasing Aesthetics

Lastly, natural light makes the home feel larger and more comfortable. It gives off the illusion of more space and can be used to highlight specific areas of the home. It is also warm, welcoming, and pleasing to the eye—which is why many photographers prefer to shoot in natural light.

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