Over time your windows will start to break down and eventually seals fail, weather stripping wears out, and gaps develop in the assembly. These leaks start small, but if ignored they will only get worse and eventually impact your home. At some point, you will need to think about getting window replacement in Federal Way, WA. Here are some signs of window leaks and a few solutions you can use to fix the problem:

Signs of Leaky Windows

When looking for a window leak there are several things to watch out for. More subtle signs include drafts in certain rooms, condensation between the panes, or unwanted outside noise. More obvious signs include moisture damage like peeling paint or stains or air clearly coming in through closed windows. One way to test for leaks is closing all exterior windows and doors and running the exhaust fans in your home. Then pass an incense stick or candle around the fenestrations. If the smoke or flame pull towards you there is probably a leak that needs attention before it gets worse.

Common Solutions for Window Leaks

Here are just a few things you can try to fix the leaks on your windows:

Thicker Curtains

While not exactly a solution, this can help insulate your windows until you can afford a more permanent fix. Thicker curtains, drapes, shades, or even shutters will help insulate your home and reduce heat transfer. You will notice a significant difference in the comfort levels of your home, but eventually, you will need to find a better solution.

Draft Snake

Another affordable solution for window leaks is a draft snake. More often you see these products pushed up against the bottom of a door. But similar products are available for your windows as well. You can trim them to match the length of your leaky window, place it on the sill, and shut the window on top of it. This can help improve the seal and block unwanted drafts. But again, this is a temporary solution and can only do so much to improve the efficiency of your leaky windows.

Weather Stripping

In some cases, window leaks develop simply from worn out weather stripping. With very little effort you can remove the old weather stripping and replace it with some new, more robust material. You can find all the supplies you need at the home improvement store and the process is fairly straightforward.


If there are no gaps in the weather stripping it might be caulking or small gaps in the frame that are the culprits. You can fill most of these smaller gaps with caulking. The pliable and sticky substance molds into the cracks and fills the spaces, sealing off the leak.

Window Film

This is another product you can find at the home improvement store. It is usually a clear plastic sheeting you can adhere to the panes of your windows. You often use a heated hair dryer to shrink the material and complete the application.

Window Replacement

Eventually, windows will wear out to the point where you will have to get window replacement. It is the only long term solution. And calling a trusted window company will ensure you get the job done right and you won’t have to worry about leaks anymore.

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